6 Effective Habits For The Awesome Sibling Relationship

By: Rebecca Seow
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Habit 2: Build an atmosphere of caring and sharing at home


Caring and sharing do not come automatically to children and for them, their world and everything in it evolves around them. The concept of benevolence is abstract to them as it requires them to give up something which they own.


An environment of care can be built in by getting siblings to hold each other’s hands when they go out, taking care of each other by having the elder sibling wear his younger sibling’s shoes for him, or simply by giving a comforting hug when one falls down and is crying. While vocabulary may be limited when children are tender in age, care can still be shown through actions.


It feels nice to be cared for and not difficult for reciprocation to take place. Lots of opportunities, time and space needs to be given to siblings to hone this habit.


Sharing amongst siblings becomes challenging when they begin to label possessions as ‘mine’ and ‘yours’, especially when they are birthday gifts and Christmas presents specifically addressed to them. Parents could consider replacing these possessions with a broader definition such as ‘given to so-and-so but everything is to be shared’. It may seem uneasy for children to hear such coined terms, but they might tend to be less calculative about possessions in the long run. Have toy baskets or boxes that contain age-appropriate toys belonging to all siblings (of a close age gap) so they can all be played together.


At meal times, Mums can also play a part in encouraging sharing amongst siblings. She could bake 8 meatballs for her two children and ask them how much meatballs would each one of them be eating if they were to share it between them. Over time, subconsciously, children will start to be aware of each other’s presence to share food with as well, and not overindulge in most of their favourite dishes just because they love it, leaving little or none for the rest of the family to enjoy.

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Posted on 16/11/2016

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