Personality Tests For Your Child

By: Jessica Loke
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Day 14: Checking My Answers

9 in 10 parents think when it comes to doing well in studies, brute brainpower and memory work is key. That may be true if everything is down to being memorized. But as we know today, memorizing textbooks isn’t effective anymore. Even if it helps your child attain good grades for some subjects, he will likely not do well beyond the tests and exams.

Very few parents and even educators know that top students today rely on their personality as well. In fact, personality plays a very important role in why they consistently ace in their exams.

By personality, we are referring to 3 things of a child:

  1. Character – What Makes Him Want To Succeed

A minority of children are natural confident learners from young. They find their own reasons to study hard, often needing little to no external intervention. But let’s face it; the majority needs constant prompting, some nagging and even a bit of spoon-feeding. Most children are just not “programmed” to learn effectively.

  1. Attitude – How Much He Wants To Succeed

A child’s attitude affects his determination to succeed. If his character enables him to study without supervision, his attitude is one that constantly reminds him how much he wants to be able to perform. However, most children’s positive attitude isn’t towards his books; it’s more towards playing with their friends or on the smartphone.

  1. Beliefs – Why He Wants To Succeed

Although most will agree that studying hard is right, very few children have the right beliefs to do that. Inculcating any beliefs in children is no easy task, let alone making them believe in studying. Forcing beliefs also won’t work; it might be actually counter-productive.

So over the past year or so, I was exposed to a few events that led me to believe that by understanding more about the innate character, attitude and beliefs of my children, I will be better able to teach and parent in a way that best suits them. In order words, I will know how much,why and what makes them want to succeed.

However, their personalities aren’t exactly written on their report books, and I was afraid my own assessment would be quite skewed. I needed a more objective way of assessment. Hence, I scoured the Internet to find 10 of the most informative Personality Tests for children.

I took all of them, some with my children. I think I really learned a lot about my children’s innate personality, including their strengths and weaknesses. With the knowledge, I know which areas to encourage them and work on so that they can discover their unique talents and potential earlier than their peers.

So, this is why I thought Personality Tests are important for you child!

I want you to benefit from these tests too. At the very least, I’m sure you could have some fun discovering something you had never known about your child.

Over the subsequent few posts, you will find the links to the 10 Personality Tests I curated. I claim no credit of creating them or vouch for the accuracy of their results. You must understand that this is not meant to be a professional diagnostics of your child’s character or behaviours; that you should seek the help of professional coaches or doctors.


Jessica, Founder of LearnSuperMart

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Posted on 23/05/2016

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