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Hi parents.

Here at LearnSuperMart, you will be discovering highly-useful articles and tips on study and exams in both academic and holistic domains. All the writing you find here are original, which have been carefully sourced, created and curated for you and your child to learn.

You can also peruse our listings of recommended learning centres, tutors and coaches, all of which are situated under one platform here.

In fact, as a one-stop site for your child's education needs, you need not go anywhere else!


I am Jessica, the Founder of LearnSuperMart.

I am a mom of 2 school-going children and I believe in being active to support my children in their schoolwork and exams.

For many years, I have been coming up with my own tips to help my children learn more effectively and more easily. Through the suggestion of some parents, I have decided to share my resources and experience on my Facebook Page with other parents.

And over time, this website now carries hundreds of articles on academic study and exam tips!

My belief for LearnSuperMart is... that like me, you and your child will discover that learning is a journey where we should never aspire to reach the destination.

In other words, never stop learning.

So, pop by every day to discover fresh tips and articles for you and your child. 

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Learning Every Day

Jessica, Founder, Mother of 2 and Author

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