14 Steps for Your Child To Build a Website

By: Koh Boon Kwang
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#6 - Digital Scrapbooking

Here’s one new hobby that you can pick up with your children during the school holidays. And it can be very fun too!

I’m sure at one time or other, we have all gone for an outing or a family holiday that is so memorable that we keep wanting to relive that experience again and again. It could be your first cruise or even a simple trip to the zoo.

And we take lots of photos or even videos to record the event.

But what do we do with the photos or videos after that?

Most of the time, it just stays in your camera or your handphone and never to surface again once life gets in the way.

Here’s where scrapbooking comes in.

Just what is scrapbooking?

Simply put, Scrapbooking is a just a method, an art for preserving, presenting, arranging personal and family history in the form of a book, box, card.

In the simplest form, you choose your favourite photos that you have taken during your holiday, print them out and paste them into a book. Add some title and a little description, and you have a scrapbook that you can always come back to whenever you want to remember those times.

This is a wonderful pastime and you can actually spend hours upon hour creating your scrapbook with your children. Get your children to choose their favourite photos. Ask them to describe how they feel and write it down!

That’s another innovative way to get them to practice writing.

Now the problem with making  a physical scrapbook is that it can become expensive (you have to print all the photos, buy a decent looking hard cover book, etc) and that it can be quite bulky and you might run out of storage space. Think of the last time you took out your wedding photo album and you will know what I mean.

But all is not lost. You can still have the same fun and experience. You can go digital.

Why not build a website and upload all the photos to your website? With a website, you can even upload a video, something you cannot do with a physical scrap book. And you can categorise your posts so that they can easily be searched.

No more headaches about storage space.

And you can show off to your friends and elative by just sharing the URL of your website.

Cool right?

But first, you got to learn how to build a website. In my website building workshop for children, I teach my students how to create a photo gallery which is perfect for making digital scrapbooks.

So, are you ready to give it a try?

That’s it for today’s post. Tomorrow, I will share with you another activity that you can do with your child that will help him develop his story telling (or show-and-tell) and presentation skills.

See you tomorrow.

Now, here’s the good news.

Mind Sprout Pte Ltd will be conducting a 4-hour website building workshop for children. And parents are encouraged to attend the workshop together with their children. The children will actually be building their own website in the class. By the end of the workshop, they will walk away with their own website that they have built. Plus, they would have acquired the skills of building a website.

If you think this is something that will benefit your child, come and attend this 4-hour workshop.

The details are in the link below...


P.S: This is great for both parents and child to come together and bond while experiencing growth. 

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Posted on 10/06/2017

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