14 Steps for Your Child To Build a Website

By: Koh Boon Kwang
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#7 - Role playing with their favourite toys

Let me ask you a question.

When your children were young (maybe in the pre-school days), have you ever seen them play school teacher and pretending to be a teacher giving lessons to their toys?

Children learn best by mimicking what they see and observe around them. As they grow older, they start to do less and less of this role playing.

Have you ever seen those YouTube videos where someone would just take a toy like a Lego character and enact a story out of it? Or even those unboxing videos,, where the guy shot a video showing off yhe new toy that he bought and whatever that came along with it.

Did your child would spend countless of hours watching these videos, totally engrossed? My son did!

What is the appeal?

Children not only love to use their imaginations, but they also love to cast themselves into different roles. Encourage them to play house, detective, teacher or whatever their hearts’ desire. Cast yourself in a role, too, and show them that “big people” think imagination is important, too. Let them set the rules, within reason, and remember to have some fun together.

Plan a story using around their favourite Shopkin. Record a video of the story using your handphone. Edit the video, upload it to YouTube and write a description of the story on your website.

Or get them a new Shopkin on the condition that they let you record a video as they narrate what they found on opening the box.

The first few attempts may be bad. Maybe the video is shaky, the children forget the scripts or you and your child spend a lot of time figuring out how to get things done. But that is where the fun is.

Make mistakes. Laugh it off. But don’t forget to have fun!

At the end of it, put up the video on your website and write an article about it. Relate your experience. It doesn’t matter how bad the video is. When you look at your website many years later, you will remember all the good fun you had with your child!

Now, here’s the good news.

Mind Sprout Pte Ltd will be conducting a 4-hour website building workshop for children. And parents are encouraged to attend the workshop together with their children. The children will actually be building their own website in the class. By the end of the workshop, they will walk away with their own website that they have built. Plus, they would have acquired the skills of building a website.

If you think this is something that will benefit your child, come and attend this 4-hour workshop.

The details are in the link below...


P.S: This is great for both parents and child to come together and bond while experiencing growth. 

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Posted on 11/06/2017

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