14 Steps for Your Child To Build a Website

By: Koh Boon Kwang
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#12 - Play word games with your children

You could also play word games with your children. For instance, write down a 3 letter word and then make them take turns in altering a single letter in order to create a new word. For example, “c-a-t, s-a-t, s-i-t, p-i-t, p-a-t.”

Another variant to this is to start with a much longer word like “Singapore” and then have a contest to see who can come up with the most 3-letter, 4-letter words from it.

Yet another version is to play Hangman. Think of a theme such as fruits or countries. Get one child to come up with a word that s related to the theme. On a piece of paper, instead of writing the words, draw dashes to represent each character. Then have the children to take turns to guess one letter. If he or she guess the right letter, write it on the corresponding dash. If he got it wrong, start drawing the hangman.

Continue guessing until someone guess the correct word or until the hangman is completed. The winner will be the person to come up with the next word.

Now, here’s the good news.

Mind Sprout Pte Ltd will be conducting a 4-hour website building workshop for children. And parents are encouraged to attend the workshop together with their children. The children will actually be building their own website in the class. By the end of the workshop, they will walk away with their own website that they have built. Plus, they would have acquired the skills of building a website.

If you think this is something that will benefit your child, come and attend this 4-hour workshop.

The details are in the link below...


P.S: This is great for both parents and child to come together and bond while experiencing growth. 

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Posted on 16/06/2017

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