12 Parenting Tips to Raise Your ADHD (or Over-Active) Child

By: Jessica Loke
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For those who are considering a pet, this is a good opportunity. Dogs are often used in behavioural therapy, and they can have positive results in aiding to combat ADHD. Cats may seem to have the same effect, but since they are more independent, they may not be as useful. Rabbits, hamsters, birds and fishes aren’t too “interactive”, so you may like to rule them out.

Take note that the dog must be child-friendly. There may be occasions when the hyperactive child “abuses” it, so make sure it can put up with rough play. In this case, an adult dog may be better than a puppy.

Dogs teach children with ADHD to be responsible, as there is a need to adhere to routines like feeding and bringing him for walks. This also encourages the child to be more outgoing.

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Posted on 17/12/2016

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