6 Effective Habits For The Awesome Sibling Relationship

By: Rebecca Seow
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Habit #4: Speak words of affirmation and gratitude


Words have the ability to speak life to an individual, and over time, words that are affirmative and grateful in nature raise the esteem of an individual. Encouraging the use of such life-giving words amongst siblings brings their relationships closer.


When siblings speak words that affirm to each other, like “I love you because you are my brother” or “You are my best sister; and even if you are away on holiday, I will still think of you”, it deepens the bond between them. They grow up feeling secure in each other’s presence and see each other less of a threat or attention-grabber.


In addition, when siblings speak words of gratitude to each other, such as “Thank you for helping me put the plates away” and “I’m happy that you’re here with me”, it shows that they do not take each other for granted. There still exists courtesy and a level of respect between them, which is crucial to the later years where such a time arises that they need to make important decisions for the family together.


As parents, how we can encourage this is to praise our children when they say nice words to each other. Regardless of how tickled you may feel about your child after he says these phrases, never tease, mock or belittle his intentions. Believe in him and he needs to know that his words carry positive vibes that only serve to make his siblings feel more treasured.

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Posted on 18/11/2016

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