7 Proven Benefits of How FOCUS Will Change Your Child’s Life

By: Jessica Loke
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What happens during your child’s play or TV time? Chances are, he is so engrossed he won’t even want to take a break no matter how you scream to stop.

However, what happens when it is time for him to hit the books? Assuming you somehow manage to get him to sit in front of his textbox, you will then find him constantly needing to go to the toilet or have a drink! Or he may suddenly become so hungry he needs to eat dinner at 5, or say he needs to sleep immediately!

Sounds too familiar?

The reason for such behavior is mainly due to the lack of interest to read. To many children, books are boring. As unnatural as it sounds, children actually need to put in effort just to read the lines on the book! This is really because they don’t know how to focus visually!

The idea then is to help them learn to focus. One of the simple things I did with my son when he was little was to play these “follow-the-trail” games.

By getting your child to just use his eyes (no fingers and no head movements) to follow the trail, his eye muscles will strengthen over time.

With enough practice of such activities, he will eventually know how to control his eye muscles to read naturally, without effort!

Try it and be amazed how much it helps after say, 2 weeks. For older children, you may want to use complex mazes. My son still relishes going through such activities once in a while.


The Last Opportunity For Your Child To Score At Least Another 10 to 15 Marks In His PSLE Math


For concerned parents who want to give their Primary 6 children the best chance to score in PSLE math 2017…

Master this Simple All-In-1 Strategy to Quickly and Accurately Solve All Confusing and Challenging Problems from 9 Topics in this Final Sprint before the PSLE!

Hi parents, it’s Jessica.

You know by now that I only recommend courses and programmes that are extremely beneficial to our children. So, I am so excited to introduce this PSLE Math booster programme to you.

I have been a fan of Kai Meng’s super-effective math-solving strategies for a while. And recently, he told me that he had developed a new All-In-1 strategy named the KA1 Strategy.

What’s so superbly useful with this strategy?

While many other tutors and centres advocate learning 18 or more methods to solve the various types of questions, your child can use the KA1 Strategy alone to solve challenging problems from 9 topics - whole numbers, decimals, fractions, ratios, percentages, averages, rates, speeds and volume!

The KA1 Strategy helps your child to not only identify the type of problems quickly, but also zoom into the fastest and most efficient way to solve each problem! No more being unclear of the problem after reading it again and again, or knowing even how to start solving it!

The KA1 Strategy also includes a fail-proof checking method (after they finish) that will greatly reduce the chance of making careless mistakes. This will drastically reduce the number of precious “wasted” marks in the math papers!

And best of all, this KA1 Strategy helps your child to not only get the right answer, but also allow him to solve the problems in Paper 2 with 30 minutes to spare to double-check his answers and workings!

And all these and more will be covered in Kai Meng’s upcoming 3-month programme named The Final Sprint for PSLE Math Programme.

More details can be found here:

He is opening this to 30 students only, and there are only 7 seats left.

So if you want your child to be helped in his PSLE Maths, this is THE OPPORTUNITY that you CANNOT MISS!

Enroll your child through this link today!

Best regards,

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Posted on 30/05/2017

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