7 Proven Benefits of How FOCUS Will Change Your Child’s Life

By: Jessica Loke
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Over the past 6 days, you learned that focus helps your child creates more playtime, improves his reading, listening and memory, and enhances his chances in his exams. But do you know fundamentally, focus may help your child feel happy? I think in this day and age where our children’s lives are so stressful, your child being happy should also be among the top of your priority list.

Oftentimes, you feel that you have to juggle your life among being a mother, a wife, an employee and a daughter-in-law. Thinking about these things sometimes makes you feel like giving up. It’s like you are a jack of all trades but master of none. It’s hard to feel accomplished when you haven’t mastered anything. Sigh.

Similarly, if your child has to juggle between many activities that have been planned for her – school, CCA, Math tuition, swimming lessons, very likely, she will feel breathless too.

So what should you do? The same when you segregate your roles as a mother, a wife, an employee and someone’s daughter-in-law. In other words, you should teach your child to deliberately focus on one task at a time.

At school, you should just ask her to focus on understanding what the teacher teaches. During her floorball CCA, just remind her to enjoy the game. At the Math tuition, get her to focus only on completing her paper. And lastly during swimming, direct her attention to just swim that extra metre!

By doing so, instead of looking at needing to complete so many activities, she is likely to see each small step as an achievement. Even if she loses a game during the CCA, her extra lap clocked during swimming will still make her feel accomplished.

This is what I normally do to my daughter, who tends to compare her abilities to her brother 4 years her senior. Naturally, she loses out in almost every aspect to her brother. But by getting her to focus on her every activity, one task at a time, she manages to stay happy.

If you agree that there are some sense to what I do, try it on your kids. If you also feel overwhelmed sometimes, try it on yourself! Let me know if this works.

So this is it. This post concludes the series of the benefits of focus. As I mentioned in my initial post, I am not a professional when it comes to child psychology or cognitive science. My husband and I learn to do these things through reading up and speaking to people. So everything that you have read should not be taken as scientific studies.



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Posted on 04/06/2017

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