7 Proven Benefits of How FOCUS Will Change Your Child’s Life

By: Jessica Loke
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Do you remember doing this when you were 7 or 8? Using a magnifying glass to focus the sun rays into a death beam to burn a piece of tissue? Yes, it was hard and it took like forever to concentrate the beam, but when the tissue burned, it was awesome, wasn’t it!

But what’s more important is that clearly demonstrated the power of focus.

We always ask our children to focus. You might not be aware that there are 3 main problems with this instruction.

  1. Young toddlers might not even know what focus means!
  1. Many children cannot, or do not know how to focus, simply because they haven’t been taught how to!
  1. Most children do not know the reasons, or benefits to being focused!

Focus is hard work and is boring, just like concentrating the beam through the magnifying glass. But if you child knows how awesome the results of burning that piece of tissue, would you think he will persevere?

So for this entire week at LearnSuperMart, I’ll reveal how you can instantly get your child to focus, so as to ignite the great potential in him.

You’ll find out what reasons you can tell your child for him to want to focus!

You’ll learn 7 Proven Benefits of how Focus will change your child’s life!

One caveat. I am not a professional at child psychology or cognitive science. I share these benefits simply because of my personal experience with my children. Many of the tips on focusing I will be sharing might have no scientific backing, and I am sharing to you because they worked on my children. So everything that you will be reading should not be taken as scientific studies.


This Toolkit Helps Your Child Improve Her Chinese Comprehension Dramatically Using This Thing...


Dear Parents with Pri 5 and 6 children,

Does your child hate doing Chinese comprehension practices? Is it always a tug-of-war when you ask him to do them?

The reason for her resistence is - there isn't a step-by-step system that imparts comprehension skills to your child in bite-sized portions. Even if there is one, he might not get a system that gives him comprehension tools and personal support. 

But is there such a system available to learn Chinese Comprehension?

Yes! There is one now...

See how this system takes Chinese Comprehension apart and breaks it down into sensible small chunks for Pri 5 and 6 students to follow >> http://fllacademy.com/mycltoolbox/lsm

If your child is taking Higher Chinese, check this out instead>> http://fllacademy.com/myhcltoolbox/lsm

Remember, your child is just one step away from her desired Chinese grades!

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Posted on 29/05/2017

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