6 Reasons Why Learning Should Be Through Play

By: Jessica Loke
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Very few children learn through listening; most are visual (through sight) or kinestatic learners (through touch or movement). Play-based learning means the children have to exercise their little minds, use their hands and probably move themselves around.

This is definitely more interactive and participative than sitting at their desks listening to a teacher telling stories or impacting facts. Chances are, with such interaction and participation, they could remember easier, better and longer.

Don’t believe? Try this little exercise yourself, or with your child.

Do you remember your time in school when you went to the Science Centre during a school excursion? Can you recall a few exhibits?

How about the recesses when you were playing hopscotch or “one-leg” with your classmates? Do you still remember the rules to the game?

Now, bring yourself back to the classroom. How much can you recall of your teacher telling you in the classroom?

Do you now know the power of play in helping us to remember?


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Posted on 06/09/2016

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