6 Reasons Why Learning Should Be Through Play

By: Jessica Loke
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Our society today trends toward sheltering our children. Too many times, I see parents solving everyday problems for their children, like tying their shoelaces, doing their science project or disallowing them to play at the playground for fear of them falling.

I believe challenge is a fact of life that children must not be sheltered from. As much as having fun, playing games also involves taking risks, facing obstacles and failing. What better way to let them have a taste the rigours of their future lives in a structured, bounded and safe setting.

Playing games also encourage children to plan strategies, collaborate with others, be resilient in solving problems and come up with solutions.

Such traits are crucial when they grow up, especially for the current “strawberry generation” of children.

Don’t believe that challenge at their age is healthy? Have you read about the 10 year-old schoolgirl who committed suicide last year because she fared poorly in her exams? Or do you know any the high-school dropouts who went to build their online empire?

Think about this. How many successful entrepreneurs you know now came from a challenging background when they were young?


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Posted on 09/09/2016

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