5 Super Foods for Super Grades - Keeping Track

By: Jessica Loke
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Keeping Track with a Food Diary


I don't deny it will be difficult to let your child start on all the 5 Super Foods we shared in the past week immediately. It is ok to start with one of the 5 first. For me, I have started my kids on the Spirulina supplements for a few weeks now.

But even when your child has started to try these foods, it is crucial to maintain the routine. Keeping track of what he eats using a Food Diary works wonders. 

Since many parents still have some form of control over what their children eat throughout the day, writing down what they eat for the day is entirely possible. Besides, this gives younger children a suggestion of what they should be eating in school (they tend to follow suggestions better).

There are many ways to keep track of what your child eats using a Food Diary. You can list the foods down on paper or use any the related app. The important thing is for your child to note down how he feels 30 min to 1 hour after taking the Super Foods. 

When this is done consistently for around 2 weeks, he can correlate the effects of the Super Food he ate and thank those food and you for it.

Suria shared that your child should see a transformation in just a few days after taking these Super Foods (and waning off the junk food). Personally, I think it is ok to indulge in some "comfort" food once a week. Take it as a Cheat or Reward Day, but try hard not to do it more than this.

Dear parent, 

Do you want to give your child the extra edge to attain the super grades you have always been dreaming of. 

Discover the secret to achieving better grades by just switching the foods your give your child. Find out how you can do so here.

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Posted on 27/03/2016

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