5 Super Foods for Super Grades - Introduction

By: Jessica Loke
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“Wake up Steve!”, Ms Teo shouted from the front of the classroom. This is the third time Steve had to be told to wake up during the class. He can’t help it. He’s really tired.

His sleeping in class is not because the class is boring. Yet Steve finds himself drowsy, sleepy and tired in class no matter how he tries to keep himself up. Not only that, every now and then, he is absent with a cold or the flu.

  • Has your child ever felt tired and lethargic in school, like Steve?
  • Does he get sick easily?
  • Does he love fast foods and sweet snacks?
  • Are veggies his doom?
  • Does he skip his breakfast?

If you said yes to any of the above, then this series is perfect for you!

Imagine having your child wake up fresh and alert, paying attention and getting terrific grades at the end of the term. No, it's not only about studying hard, the biggest secret is in eating smart! 

All this week, LearnSuperMart and Celebrity Nutritionist - Suria Sparks, will be sharing with you 5 Super Foods your child should be taking this school term so that he has a better chance to attain the Super Grades that he has always be vying for!

Stay tuned!

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Posted on 21/03/2016

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