LearnSuperMart's Most Deserving Mom Event

By: Jessica Loke
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Nominate the Most Deserving Mom to Receive an Entire Day of Well-Deserved, All-Expenses-Paid Break and Fun for Her and Her Family!


Hi, it's Jessica, founder of LearnSuperMart.

Being a mother of 2 children, I know how difficult, unrewarding and unthankful it is sometimes to be one. 

That's why my husband Colin and I wish to do something different for a well-deserved family this Mother's Day. We want to help another mother who really deserves a break with her family of 4.

But we need your help. 

We want you to nominate a mother whom you know to receive this gift from us. Together with our family, we will spend an entire day of well-deserved break and fun for this nominated family of 4.


Who is this mother we are looking for?

1. She can be a mother who has toiled for years without having taken a break. 

2. She can also be a mother who has always placed her family first ahead of herself, and has neglected her well-being for a long time.

3. She can also be that mother who always wanted to reward her children with a day of intense fun but cannot financially.

... or any mom whom you think really deserves this break.


What will the fun-filled day be like?

Honestly, we are still planning for it. But here's a teaser... 

The family will be picked up from their residence in a convertible (weather permitting) for breakfast first. Thereafter, we'll proceed to KidZania Sentosa for the children to have an entire day of fun. We might arrange for something else for the parents if they find it too boring to stay at KidZania (well, some parents do). Perhaps a massage session? In the evening, we'll have dinner before sending the family back home. 

All these with photography (by Colin) to remember the day by. 


When will the day be?

We are planning it during the school holidays, on 23 Jun 17 (Friday) tentatively. We might be able to adjust the date according to the family's preference. 


What do you need to do to nominate this Most Deserving Mother?

1. Nominate her in this Facebook post ->


2. Key in the reasons why she and her family should receive this all-expenses-paid day of fun.

3. You don't have to tag her or even identify her in the comments, but she should know that she and her family are being nominated for this.

4. We're not saying no to hubbies nominating your wife if you think she is the most deserving. ;)

5. You have to be contactable through our Facebook Page Personal Message (PM) if your nominated mom is picked as the receipient of this event.


Any other things you should take note of?

Because of the activities that we are planning, do take note of the following when you are nominating the family.

1. The children should be between around 4 to 12 years so that they will enjoy KidZania best.

2. The family should be able to enjoy all the activities planned for them.

3. It will be up to our discretion to select the mother and family to participate in this event.

4. My husband and I are doing this entirely on our own capacity, and none of the "prizes" are being sponsored officially; everything will be paid by us. All such, do understand that we can only accomodate up to 4 family members including the nominated mom.

5. This is the first time we are hosting such an event, so I cannot guarantee 100% that everything will go exactly as planned. :D

6. The fun-filled event along with the nominated family would be featured on LearnSuperMart. We will mention you too, as the nominee.

7. We hope to make friends with you and the family. So, don't be taken aback if we send you our Friend Request on Facebook. We hope you will accept that.

8. Lastly, the family must be residing in Singapore.



Nomination period is from 14 May 2017 to 28 May 2017. 

All the best to your nominated Most Deserving Mom!

Click on the Share button for more Deserving Moms to be nominated. 



Jessica, Founder of LearnSuperMart


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Posted on 13/05/2017

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