A Maths Teacher Worst Nightmare

By: Colin Goh
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This is how I felt when I first saw this app. Why wasn't there such an invention during my school days?

What is Photo Math?

As you can see from the video, Photo Math allows you to take a photo of a math equation (it has to be typed though), and it'll give you the answer in a mere second. For those who need some guidance (read: cheat) on their maths homework, the app shows all the steps (or workings) to derive the answer too.

That's why it's the maths teacher worst nightmare!

Is this a bane or a boon then? Well, that depends if you agree that we need to move with the times. Put it this way, when did you ever see anyone solving a math equation on paper in real life?

I think this app is a great leap ahead for mankind and mathkind.

Give it a try. It's free on iOS and Windows phone. The Android version will be available soon.


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Posted on 21/02/2015

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