KungFu Maths

By: Jessica Loke
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My daughter started her Primary School journey this year. One day, she came back very excited from school, announcing that she would be given an account to use the Singapore Maths e-learning Portal, www.kungfu-math.com. True enough, I received an email from her form teacher the next day with her login credentials.

My girl is extremely excited about this portal she gets to adopt a Kungfu Pet and to train it to become the strongest Kungfu Math Warrior. She can choose Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger or Tortoise, but she decided on a Penguin because the eyes are so cute. Truly, these pets appeal to the mind of a 6 year old !

Now, this pet has attributes like strength, charm and intelligence and can help her to win battles against her peers. The more questions she answers, the faster the attributes of her pet grow. Viola ! She has been trying hard to clear the practice questions since she got the account. So far, she’s already at level 5.

The portal also allows the child to buy items with virtual coins. Each item increases the pet’s attributes too. Each practice level allows her to collect 25 to 30 virtual coins, and hence, her determination to finish the level.

When she do get bored with the practice questions, it allows her to switch to some of the mini-games and to earn more coins. I think the games do allow multiple players to participate as I have seen both my kids giggling over the same game from two different terminals.

It has been only a few days since she got the account to the portal I would have to gauge for a longer time to see whether it does help her to learn the mathematical concepts. In any case, at the very least, she’s having fun.


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Posted on 04/01/2015

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