Concept Math Education Centre Pte Ltd - The Conceptual Approach to Math


Concept Math Education Centre Pte Ltd - The Conceptual Approach to Math

Academic Learning Centre
Specialises in Maths Classes, Academic Classes

Small class size. Individual attention.

  • Small class sizes (10 – 12 students) ensure that students receive personalised attention from our committed teachers.

The Model method. School curriculum.

  • Our programmes are crafted based on Singapore Ministry of Education’s (MOE) model methods for Mathematics, to ensure that lessons do not deviate from the school’s curriculum so that there is consistency between tuition classes and school.
  • Students are also given higher order thinking skill questions similar to those found in the Math Olympiad and Gifted Education programme. Every child that comes through our doors will be well versed in the basic school syllabus and yet be stretched to think beyond their comfort zones.

Keeping abreast. Parent’s involvement

  • At the end of each session (Primary 1 & 2), parents will be invited for a lesson debrief so that parents will be kept up to speed on what was taught and how they can further aid their children at home.

Conceptual Approach. Better Understanding

  • At Concept Math, our tutors do not merely write the solutions on the borad! We bring our students through the whole thinking process, step-by-step, so that they will understand the mathematical concepts behind the questions so that they can to apply to other similar questions across topics.

Dedicated Teachers. Qualified tutors.

  • Our tutors are all qualified teachers who are familiar with the school syllabus.
  • We understand that getting our students interested is not just about teaching, but about creating rapport and making each lesson exciting and memorable.
Suitable for Primary School Child, Self (Adult)
Serves Central Region in Singapore


Address: 1 Goldhill Plaza #03-01 Singapore 308899
Contact: 62556335
Price : P1 - P4: $50/lesson, P5: $57/lesson, P6: $65/lesson

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