JPM Enrichment - Your one-stop Math Specialist That You Ever Need


JPM Enrichment - Your one-stop Math Specialist That You Ever Need

Academic Learning Centre
Specialises in Maths Classes, Academic Classes

JPM is the only Math programme that offer an integrated approach in a child’s math learning journey from 4 to 16 years old. We offer 3 programs for different needs.

- JEI Math: Largest korean program on Math for pre-schoolers. Identify your child learning gaps accurately with a propriatary system. Focus on foundation and build up math intuition of your child targetting learning gaps identified to cater for formal Math education at primary level. No one does it better than JEI Math. It is a proven system used world wide for the past 20 years.

- PSLEMath:  A well-recognised math program developed by local MOE teacher targetting P1-P6 students with unique way of teaching problem sums. This is the part where 90% of Singapore students face difficulty and we use a 4 steps matrix approach to progressively help your child learning basic concept relevant to Singapore MOE syllabus, apply the concepts learned and solving complex problem sums in a whole new way. Results guaranteed.

- JPM Math: Developed by our in-house teachers and panel of program developers including Mathematician trained in NUS and UOL. Combining concepts learning, real-life application and exam tips to ensure students are able to grasp the techniques to solve different type of exam-like questions in the shortest time possible. Program is proven effective and targetted to students of various Math proficiency.

Suitable for Pre-Schooler, Primary School Child, Secondary School Child
Serves West, South / CBD Region in Singapore


Address: 431 Clementi Ave 3, #01-338 Singapore 120431.
Contact: 97733173
Price : varies

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