Superhero Math


Superhero Math

Specialises in Math Tuition (1-to-1)

Become Your Child's Superhero


If you wish to be your child's Superhero in the quest for PSLE mathematics mastery, then you will need to acquire the necessary Superpowers!

  • Superpower to understand all topics as an integrated knowledge set.
  • Superpower to see the starting point of any word problem.
  • Superpower to solve problems efficiently, including Magic Maths Model.

Just arrange for ad hoc learning sessions at the comfort of your home as and when you need them! 

About me: I'm a full-time home tutor specializing in mathematics. I created the Magic Maths Model method to improve the efficiency of the existing model method in solving PSLE mathematics word problems. I graduated from NUS as a Lee Kuan Yew gold medalist with a Master and a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) in mathematics. Learn more about me at my Facebook page.

Suitable for Primary School Child
Serves North, East / Northeast, Central, South / CBD Region in Singapore


Address: Tampines
Contact: 96278640
Price : $100/hour

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