10 Crucial Considerations In Choosing Your Child's Secondary School

By: Jessica Loke
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This is really the big question. To be the big fish in small pond or a small fish in a big pond, which is better for your child?

Research has shown that children actually do better in a less competitive environment because they get a boost of confidence and satisfaction when they do well. For some children who have always been the top few when they are in primary schools, it might come as a shock to them and destroy their confidence when they are now at the bottom tier in their secondary school. 

There is no right or wrong answer as each child is unique. Parents should therefore consider their child's strengths and weaknesses. Does she thrive in competition, or crumble under stress? 

Many parents only looked at the school's lower cut off point to ascertain the chances of admission. However, parents should also look at the school's median PSLE aggregrate. This information is not found in the Secondary School Admission Booklet given to your child though. You can however access School Information Service at http://sis.moe.gov.sg to find out. 

So, why is Median so important? Let's look at the example again. 

If your child scored 238, will you let her go to a Secondary School A with COP of 237 to 250 (Median of 245) or Secondary School B with COP of 230 to 240 (Median of 235)? Secondary School A is generally perceived as the "better" school since it has a higher cut off point.

If your child enters Secondary School A, this means that she will most likely be the bottom 50% tier of that school. However, if your child chooses Secondary School B, she will most likely be within the top 50% of her cohort.

Which do you prefer, let your child be a small fish in Secondary School A or big fish in Secondary School B?


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Posted on 25/11/2016

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