12 Insider Maths Tips That A* Students Swear By

By: Rebecca Seow
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Making sure that students are adequately prepared for the examination goes a long way. This post focuses on a checklist that students can refer to, for the day of the examination.


How can you apply this tip?

  • BEFORE the paper

a) Ensure that you have eaten your breakfast that will keep you full till the end of the examination. Empty your bladder upon entering the examination venue.

b) Before leaving your bags outside the examination venue, remember to take your pencil case, mathematical set and calculator with you. Optional items include tissue paper and water bottle. Surrender your mobile devices to your invigilator or leave it switched off in your bag.

c) Together with the invigilator and the rest of the class, flip through the examination paper, page by page, to make sure that there are no pages that are missing, blank or poorly printed.


  • DURING the paper

a) Keep a very close watch on the amount of time remaining as well as the number of questions that are yet to be attempted.

b) Place a ruler against each question on the OAS prior to shading so that you can shade your answer corresponding to the correct question.

c) Check through the paper upon completion by re-reading the questions and redoing all working till it is time to hand in the paper. This makes sure that there are fewer room for careless mistakes (including transfer errors) and that you have done your best.



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Posted on 11/11/2016

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