12 Insider Maths Tips That A* Students Swear By

By: Rebecca Seow
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This applies to short structured questions where the units of the answer are given next to the spacing for answers. Some word problems also require students to leave their answer in a particular unit.

Bear in mind that it is a no-no to leave your answer in a different unit from the one you are asked to give. More so, do not strike off the units given in the answer column and replace with your own. No marks will be awarded.


In addition, when an answer obtained is not a whole number, and the question does not state that you round off your answer, it would be best to leave it as a fraction – its most precise form.

On the other hand, when a question requires you to leave your answer correct to 2 decimal places, all intermediate answers need to be left in 3 decimal places (always 1 more decimal place than the one required for the final answer), before rounding off the final answer to 2 decimal places.


How can you apply this tip?

Be sure to be well versed with the conversion of units shown below:


1 m = 100 cm, 1 km = 1000 m


1 kg = 1000 g


$1 = 100 ȼ


1 ℓ = 1000 ml, 1000 ml = 1000 cm3


1 min = 60 s, 1 h = 60 min


  • Know how to convert a recurring or non-terminating number into a fraction by pressing on the S<->D button on the calculator.
  • Leave one more decimal place in intermediate answers before rounding off to the required number of decimal places stated in the question.

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Posted on 02/11/2016

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