12 Insider Maths Tips That A* Students Swear By

By: Rebecca Seow
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Hi fans and followers of LearnSuperMart. I'm Teacher Rebecca. I specialise in teaching the maths subject. I'm delighted to be invited by Jessica, Founder of LearnSuperMart to share some of my tips with you in this series.

You know, the end-of-year examination is a summative assessment where students are assessed of the entire year of learning. A major proportion of marks is allocated to SA2, and for many students, it can be very stressful.

How can we ensure that students tide through the preparation process and be confident and composed on the actual examination day?

In this series, we will reveal 12 Insider Maths Tip that every upper primary student must know to conquer the Maths papers!

Here's a sneak peek of the 12 tips.


Tip 1: Recognise the need and importance of consistency

Tip 2: Presentation of answers needs to be accurate

Tip 3: Include a ‘Check’ column for Guess-and-Check

Tip 4: Draw a timeline where appropriate

Tip 5: Construct angles, triangles and 4-sided figures accurately

Tip 6: Special angle properties can be remembered with the use of some letters

Tip 7: Get the most accurate value when using the calculator value of Pi

Tip 8: When clueless on how to solve a question, try to gain as many method marks as possible

Tip 9: Attempt practice questions without asking for help as far as possible

Tip 10: Ensure that you have understood and know how to do questions that were previously wrong

Tip 11: Check that you have ‘checked’ everything

Tip 12: Own your learning so that you can apply the concept again and again

See you later!

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Posted on 31/10/2016

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