14 Closely Guarded Tips For Conquering Cloze Passages

By: Rosalind Ong
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Day 8: Call Me A Glue

Hi, I’m Teacher Rosalind from Fun Language Learning. This is the eighth article of the 14 Closely Guarded Cloze Tips  series brought to you by LearnSuperMart and Fun Language Learning.

As a bilingual specialist, I help Primary and Secondary school students achieve their desired grades in English and Chinese by guiding them to develop effective language learning strategies and skills.

1. One huge aspect of Language Clues is ‘Parts of Speech’. Understanding how a word fits in a sentence helps you select the most suitable word choice. 

From the title, can you guess the part of speech we are covering today?


2. Did you guess Conjunctions?

Conjunctions link words, clauses or sentences. They are the glue within and between sentences.

As I was running around the field, I saw her. I stopped and called out to her.

As, and → Conjunctions


3. How do you identify that a conjunction is required?

Clue: Ideas need to be joined.


Type of conjunction





Links dependent and independent clauses to show cause and effect, place or time

Before, after, until, while

As, because, since

Although, even if

If, unless

Until I reach my goal, I am not giving up.

I am not giving up until I reach my goal.


Conjunctive adverbs (transition words)

Links clauses to show sequence, cause and effect, contrast and sequence.

In addition, furthermore

Consequently, hence

Eventually, finally,

However, nevertheless

Finally, he realised that what he knew was not the truth.


Links two equally important clauses

Acronym: FANBOYS*

For (why)

And (add)

Nor (disjoin)

But (contrast)

Or (choice)

Yet (unexpected)

So (why and what)

He gives an advice yet he does not practise it.


Links two equally important clauses

Come in pairs:


Rather… than

Prefer… to

John is not only smart but also kind.

*FANBOY is a commonly recognized acronym. 


4. Try this:

i) He does not dare to try new things__________ he is afraid of failing.

ii) ___________ he treats failures as a learning experience, he will not be afraid of them.

iii) I prefer revising early ____________ doing practices at the last minute.

iv) It is easy to declare a goal __________ difficult to take consistent actions. Taking consistent actions towards a goal is what separates successful people from the rest.






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Posted on 02/10/2017

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