7 Easy and Fun Science Experiments To Do At Home

By: Shirleen
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Experiment #2: Energy Changes (ENERGY)

Whenever I get my students to fold paper aeroplanes, especially the boys, their faces light up. They thought I am going to play something. Yes, they are right! I love to use every day activities and link them to Science concepts. It helps them remember better. As the old adage goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”. So, getting my students to see, feel, touch and “paint” images in their minds is my personal mission to help them grasp concepts in a fun way!

Step 1:

*CHILD: fold a paper aeroplane. If he/she does not know, google for a tutorial. Heaps of it. Choose the easiest one.

Step 2:

*CHILD: stand at a designated distance and get him/her to aim at a distance and throw. Watch how it lands. Repeat a few times. Vary the distance.

*OBSERVE: how each landing goes.

Step 3:

*LINK: Prior knowledge is needed.

Chemical Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, Gravitational Potential Energy, Heat Energy, Sound Energy

*CHILD: guide child to think what energy changes has taken place as he/she aims and throws the paper aeroplane.

Suggested guide:

CPE (food from body) -> KE (moving paper aeroplane) -> GPE (paper aeroplane in air -> HE + SE (hits the wall) -> KE (paper aeroplane falling down) -> HE + SE (hits the ground)

*NOTE: answers may vary, according to how/what the question asks. In this case, children are required to list out the energy changes as specifically as possible.

Step 4:

*JOURNAL: encourage your child to create his/her own mindmap/journal/other forms of records.


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Posted on 26/03/2018

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