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By: Jessica Loke
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Many parents think that showering their children with presents will make them happy. Sure, they will be happy… for a week or two. But after that, the presents will be chucked aside and forgotten especially when there’s another present that is bigger and more expensive.

So what should parents do? What should they give?

We recently featured a series on 6 Must-Have Gifts for your Child, and it was very well-received. In the series, our Life Coach partner, Jia Huey, revealed that parents can learn to have a loving relationship with each other; and that’s the ultimate gift to your child.

Studies have shown that when your marriage is stressed internally, no matter how professionally you are hiding the stress, your child can sense it. However, the rift between a couple can be too great to repair by themselves. In this case, they should seek professional help to solve the issue in a most amicable way so that their child will not be the victim in the end.

In fact, it is often not the marriage that is the issue; the problem is something more innate, embedded much deeper in a parent’s unconsciousness. The stress could stem from a childhood incident or it could be due to a childhood need that was not fulfilled in the past.

More often than not, we bury our most aggravating fear and trauma so deep, we forget about it after many years. Still, because they are not being looked at and understood in a healthy way, they will manifest in the most unknowing ways – ultimately as stress in relationship, severe depression and even resentment of life itself.

This is where specialised Life Coaches come in. They support by uncovering what is unconsciously creating the stress in you and your relationship with your spouse and children.

Remember. Your child is a mirror reflection of you! If your child is misbehaving and giving you stress in some ways, you should be curious about what stress is it in you that your child is reflecting.

She could be craving for the same attention you never had during your childhood. She could be growing up in fear as you did when you were young. Or she could be devoid of the love of her parents, because you did not receive the kind of love and attention you wanted from your parents.

If we want our children to be truly happy, we have to start with ourselves. We can certainly learn how we can do so by contacting Jia Huey. Find out what we must immediately do to uncover the innate portion of us that is still not happy or suffering.

For the help Jia Huey has rendered to many parents and children, #5 on our list is essential the Best Gift for Your Children.


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Posted on 05/01/2016

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