Top 16 Learning Resources of 2016 - #8

By: Jessica Loke
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And #8 should come as no surprise because I know you have likely used or at least visited some of these. Yes, we are talking about Facebook Groups on primary and secondary school learning.

Why I love these groups is primarily because of the number of engagement and participation from fellow parents as many are keen to help. Sometimes, I see some every talented tutors and centres featured in these groups too, and I believe what they are offering will be useful to some parents.

Also noteworthy to mention are some of the administrators of these groups. A few have been over-zealous in banning members (lol, but they are just doing their jobs) while some have been extremely friendly and accommodating to me for the sharing of my articles to their groups.

Of the many groups, my personal favourites are the PSLE groups, particularly the one of the PSLE year. In 2016, it would be the PSLE Parents 2016 group which is now renamed to PSLE Support.

I like to mention 2 more groups.

The first is very useful if your Primary school child needs help in maths. Kai Meng's Kainetik Mathematics frequently shares unbelievable techniques in solving maths questions using his unique method of modelling.

The second is Singapore Study and Exam Tips. Yes, it's my group, and I'm proud to share it. If you are a parent who needs some parental tips or assistance to help your child learn better, you are welcome to peruse and post there. If you are a tutor or centre owner who wants to advertise your services, feel free to use the group as well. In fact, if you just needed a bit of motivation or inspiration in your life, this is the group for you.

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Posted on 05/01/2017

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