7 Secret Chinese Comprehension Answering Techniques Revealed - Day 1

By: Rosalind Ong
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Day 1 of 7: The 3 Important Criteria (Part 1)

Welcome to the first episode of the 7 Secret Answering Techniques Revealed video series brought to you by LearnSuperMart and Fun Language Learning. I’m Teacher Rosalind from Fun Language Learning.

Today, I’ll be introducing the 3 Important Criteria.

Many students give incomplete answers in Comprehension, resulting in the loss of marks. How do you know your answer is incomplete? The RAS™ Formula by Fun Language Learning encompasses 3 Important Criteria that help you detect the gaps in your answer.

What are the 3 Important Criteria? Are they really that formidable? Watch my video explanation above.

If you like this episode, support us by liking the Fun Language Learning Facebook Page. If you have any questions pertaining to Comprehension, you can leave your comments in the comments section below the video or head over to fllacademy.com.


第一天:三大关键标准 (一)

欢迎收看 LearnSuperMart 以及 Fun Language Learning 携手带给你为期七天的《阅读理解:作答技巧,机密揭晓》系列。我是 Fun Language Learning 的靖惠老师。


许多学生因为阅读理解的答案不完整而丢失了分数。你要怎么知道答案是否完整呢?Fun Language Learning 创造的 RAS™ 公式包含了三大关键标准,助你达标。


如果你们喜欢今天的分享,可以到 Fun Language Learning Facebook Page 按赞。如果你们有任何有关阅读理解的问题,可以直接在视频下方或到 fllacademy.com 留言。


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Posted on 25/07/2016

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