14 Secret Chinese Oral Strategies Revealed

By: Rosalind Ong
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Tip 4: Accuracy in pronunciation and fluency

Hi, I’m Teacher Rosalind from Fun Language Learning. This is the fourth article of the 14 Secret Chinese Oral Strategies Revealed series brought to you by LearnSuperMart and Fun Language Learning.

When you encounter words that you don’t know how to pronounce, use the strategies below to continue reading so that you don’t compromise fluency.


你好,我是 Fun Language Learning 靖惠老师。我很荣幸能再次和 LearnSuperMart 合作,携手带给你为期十四天的《华文口试:机密攻略大公开》系列。




1)    靠偏旁部首猜读音 Radicals can help   


       péi   péi    péi    bèi    bù

2)    靠上下文猜字/用另外一些字来代替 Context can help    



3)    跳读 Skip words that are difficult to pronounce

       他感慨地说à 他说


多音字 Polyphonic Characters

还是 vs 还书

hái         huán

不想吃 vs 不要吃

bù            bú

穿着裤子 vs 他的穿着 vs 睡着了

   zhè                    zhuó     zháo

好得很 vs 得意洋洋 vs 得喝水了

    de       dé              děi

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Posted on 10/08/2017

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