12 Creative Tips for Continuous Writing

By: Richard Leong
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To score well in the content component, it is important to create a strong “problem” or “conflict” so that the main character(s) can resolve it as part of the story. So, how can we create an engaging conflict?


In classical Literature, experts have divided conflicts into different types. We shall introduce two of them here.

  • Man versus Man
  • Man versus Self


Man versus Man

It basically means that the conflict is based on another person.

In the case of the 2016 PSLE theme “a secret”, the conflict could be based on how another person has discovered the secret and he wants to reveal it to other people. This creates an interesting conflict in which the main character in the story has to try to stop this person in doing so.


Man Versus Self

This means that the main character has to overcome a personal and inner struggle. If the main character keeps the secret, somebody might be harmed.  Thus, the main character struggles with a dilemma whether he should still keep the secret.

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Posted on 14/09/2017

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