12 Creative Tips for Continuous Writing

By: Jessica Loke
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In the first academic series this year, LearnSuperMart is honoured to collaborate with RG Channel Future School (RGCFS) to present a series on Continuous Writing, or sometimes known as Creative Writing.

RGCFS is a well-kept secret, nestled in the education-centre-rich district of East Coast. Why I consider them a hidden gem is because the school is a very established learning centre in Singapore, having nearly 30 years of experience in helping 30,000 students improve their grades! In a time when tuition centres open and close in a matter of 2 to 3 years, 30 years of establishment is indeed rare nowadays. 

That is why I figured RGCFS must have done something very right to be able to root themselves in the industry for nearly 3 decades. And this intrigues me further to collaborate with them and convincing them to share their precious materials with you.

In the subsequent 12 posts, expect to discover 12 Creative Writing Tips on Continous WritingThis series is specially prepared for Primary 5 and 6 students, but your Primary 4 children should be able to use them too!

I hope you find value in this series as much as I do!


Best regards,


Some words from RG Channel Future School

Hi, I am Richard, the Programme Director of RG Channel Future School. Let me share a bit about RGCFS as this is the first time that our school is working together with LearnSuperMart.

We have been teaching English for nearly 30 years and have amassed a lot of experience on the teaching of English. And as such, my teachers and I have so many study and exam tips that we would like to share with you via LearnSuperMart!

In this inaugural series, I have handpicked 12 succinct but highly valuable tips that I'm sure you and your children can easily understand and apply immediately in their Continuous Writing.

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This comes as no surprise, as many others are also suffering the same fate. And like them, despite being drilled more and getting more coaching, your child hasn’t seen any improvement for the entire year!

However, you can change this in 2017.

Because you are about to discover a nearly 30-year-old remedy that has helped tens of thousands of students overcome this issue…

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Posted on 11/09/2017

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