Must-Know Synthesis and Transformation Rules For Lower Primary Students

By: Jessica
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Changing from Direct Speech to Indirect Speech

In Direct Speech, the original words must be exact to what the person had said, therefore, no change is made to the verbs and tense as well. The words said are also enclosed in quotation marks.

In Indirect Speech, some changes are made to the original words of the person. The tense and pronouns might also be changed since the words have been said in the past. The words are also not enclosed in quotation marks. 

As per the earlier post, these questions usually only appear for the upper primary level students, but if you have a child in Tao Nan primary school, guess what? These questions appeared in P3 SA1 and SA2 for the past two years.


"I will be going to a party tomorrow!" Tom told his mother.

-> Tom told his mother that he would be going to a party the next day.


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Posted on 21/03/2018

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