Top 18 Tips for Primary School English Oral - Tip 11

By: Jessica Loke
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When your child is being asked a "Do you think ... " or "Why" question, always get her to remind herself to use all the details on the stimulus graphic to support her answer. 

First of all, she does not always have to answer "Yes" to such questions. Sometimes, she will find that it is easier to answer "No" to certain questions. As long as she is able to discuss, rationalise and justify her choice logically, she will not be penalised.


For example, the graphic shows her an advertisement of a study center with the following question "Will you join such a study center?". The following points are also given.



Study with your friends in a group of 4 maximum on every Tuesday and Thursday 2 to 4 pm.



Study in air-conditioned room.



Light snacks will be provided.



Affordable cost of $100 per month.


If she chooses "Yes", she should support her answer with the above points. 

"Yes, I will be interested to join such a study centre because I get to study with some of my best friends who will be around to guide me in my weaker areas. In addition, I feel the fees of $100 to be quite affordable as I get to study in an air-conditioned room. I can also eat some light snacks when I feel hungry.  In addition, my parents are working full-time and by joining such a study centre, they do not have to coach me in my school work after they finished their work."


If she chooses to answer "No", she should also support her answer with details from the graphic.

"No, I will not be interested to join such a study centre because my father is the sole breadwinner in the household and I do not want to add on the financial burden on him. It is easy for me to call and consult my friends if I need help on my studies. Furthermore, I am not able to make it on the Tuesday timeslot because I am required to stay back in school for supplementary lessons. It will be a waste of money if I only join the study group for every Thursdays instead."


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Posted on 27/08/2016

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