Top 18 Tips for Primary School English Oral - Tip 3

By: Jessica Loke
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Do remember that your examiners have been sitting and listening to many students reading the same passage over and over again. They are most likely bored and need to be entertained.

Simply put, to stand out from the rest of the students, your child needs to add some oomph to her reading.  The last thing she should be doing is to read like a robot monotonously.  


Read in a lively manner. If the passage gives her happy vibes, then read with a happy facial expression. If it is a sad story, then read it with a sad face. And your child tells you she has no idea how the right facial expression affects the way she sound, get her to just do it! At the very least, the examiners will surely find it entertaining to watch her!


Some words also need to be overstressed to reflect the feelings of the sentence such as "overjoyed", "depressed", etc.


You can get her to listen to good readers for role modelling. For example, news broadcasters.


Some of your children must be thinking to themselves “No, I can’t possibly do that. My friends will laugh at me. Who reads like that? It’s so corny.” 

It is only natural for them to think in such a manner. But, consider this. If they are the corniest reader for that few minutes, it might add a few more points to their oral grades. Their friends will probably not even remember that after one day.

So, is it worth it? You help her decide.


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Posted on 18/08/2016

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