Top 12 Tips for Primary School Science - Intro

By: Jessica Loke
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Hi parents, 

It's been quite a hiatus since LearnSuperMart did anything on Science. So, I've decided to revive this topic.

Anyway, if you think Primary School Science is all about magnetism and photosynthesis, think again.

Today, to correctly answer a Science question, knowing exactly what the question is asking is crucial. And sometimes, the question itself seems more like an English question than one on Science.

I'm sure you and your child would get quite frustrated knowing that marks are lost not because of lack of knowledge, but lack of technique.

So, in this series, I will share with you the top 12 study and exam tips I personally use on my son. They will be revealed over the next 12 articles (in 12 days).

Here's a sneak peek of what they are.

  1. Eliminate the Confusion
  2. Highlight Sparingly
  3. Compare, Compare, Compare
  4. Use Keywords
  5. Answering Condensation Questions
  6. Answering Population Questions
  7. Understanding Variables
  8. Understanding Fair Tests
  9. Understanding Reliable Tests
  10. Understanding the Aim of the Experiment
  11. Understanding the Control Setup
  12. Understanding Relationships

Stay tuned to get all 12 tips. And don't forget to share them on Facebook or your favourite social media platform. 

Jessica, Founder of LearnSuperMart


Want all these 12 top tips to be neatly consolidated in one PDF Booklet to revise with your child before her exams?

The "Top 12 Tips for Primary School Science" PDF Booklet contains all 12 of the most tried-and-tested Primary School Science tips in 32 colourful pages.

The other title in the series that you have to get is the "20 Primary School Science Misconceptions" PDF Booklet. It helps your child dispel 20 of the common Science myths that cause many children to make mistakes in their exams. in all 29 pages.

Both titles are available at only $2.99 each.

Get them today so that you can immediate use the tips to revise with your child.






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Posted on 09/05/2016

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