7 Secret Tips to Power Up Secondary School Writing - Introduction

By: Edwin Edangelus Cheng with Jessica Loke
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Hi Parents,

We are going to do something totally new these 2 weeks. You will be getting your study and exam tips Podcast style! Ok, we've incorporated a bit of video as well. :)

Anyway, this series is created for parents and their Secondary School children who are hunting for Power "Insider" Tips to English Language Writing, especially if they are sitting for their O or N Level exam this year!

Yes, I finally managed to convince Edwin Edangelus Cheng, Founder and Principal Master Tutor of EduEdge Learning Hub to divulge some of his secrets that only his students have access to.

In the next few days, you will uncover these 7 secret tips exclusively at LearnSuperMart.


Tip 1 – What Is The Best Tactic To Score At Least A B3 For Situational Writing During Exam?

Tip 2 – How Much Writing Are The Cambridge Markers Looking For In Situational Writing?

Tip 3 – Which Is The Genre To Spot For Situational Writing for O / N Level 2016?

Tip 4 – How To Prepare Effectively For Continuous Writing?

Tip 5 – What Is The Perfect Essay Structure For Argumentative Writing?

Tip 6 – What Is The Correct Style To Adopt For Argumentative Writing?

Tip 7 – What Is The Best Way To Cultivate Ideas For Argumentative Writing?


So get your pen and paper ready, turn up the volume and dedicate 5 minutes each day with your child to discover what we have in stall for you!


www.learnsupermart.comSingapore's Biggest Site for Study Tips, Exam Tips, PSLE Tips and O Level Tips.

Discover This Simple yet Highly-Effective Strategy that will Drastically Help Your Child Improve in her English Language Exam by 3 to 5 Grades By The Year-End Exams!

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Posted on 13/02/2017

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