7 Secret Tips to Power Up Secondary School Writing - Tip 1

By: Edwin Edangelus Cheng with Jessica Loke
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Last week, we posted our exclusive audio series on Power "Insider" Tips to Boost Secondary School Writing. It was a blast, and so many parents commented that they love it! However, they also asked for the transcript for the audio clips. 

Unfortunately, we don't have it. But what we can do is to put up the salient points together with the link to the clip again. 


The first tip was on Situational Writing, and the best tactic to score a B3, A2 or even an A1 for this English Paper component.

 Listen to the audio clip here: https://youtu.be/LyzK3PAJ4_0


Salient Points


1. Situational Writing is a component in English Language Paper 1. It consists of 30 marks.

This component is further sub-divided into 2 sub-components - Task Fulfillment (or the evaluation of content and ideas), worth 10 marks, and Language (meaning, grammar and vocabulary), worth 20 marks. 


2. Most parents don't know that these 2 sub-components are marked independently

This can be used to your child's advantage, even if your child's grammar and vocabulary are weak.

E.g. If he can share ideas that are original, specific and creative, he can be scoring 8 out of the 10 marks for the Task Fulfillment sub-component. So even if he only gets 12 or 13 marks for his Language sub-component, a B3 is still entirely possible.


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Posted on 20/02/2017

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