7 Secret Tips to Power Up Secondary School Writing - Tip 6

By: Edwin Edangelus Cheng with Jessica Loke
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Last week, we posted our exclusive audio series on Power "Insider" Tips to Boost Secondary School Writing. It was a blast, and so many parents commented that they love it! However, they also asked for the transcript for the audio clips. 

Unfortunately, we don't have it. But what we can do is to put up the salient points together with the link to the clip again. 


The sixth tip in the series covered on the correct writing style to adopt for Argumentative Writing

 Listen to the audio clip here: https://youtu.be/7bElOUWXzOA


Salient Points


1. Adopt the first or third person style of writing. Use pronouns like "I" or "They".

The mistake many students make is to use the second person point of view in their writing. That makes the paper become too conversational.


2. Use power expressions. E.g. to counter arguments, your child can start the sentence with signal expressions like:

"The other school of thoughts contents that...", or

"The other point of view is of the opinion that...", or

"Most parents argue that...".


3. To adequately prepare for Argumentative Writing, get your child to read quality sample essays. He should analyse the essays for their structure (or how the writer has organised the ideas) and the style of writing. He should not memorise essays.


4. Another advice is to be careful with the essay guide books that you purchase. Many of them contain essays with questionable standards because they were usually written by O or A level students, or part-timers, who submit their essays to earn some pocket money.

Instead, newspapers are actually better reading materials. If possible, your child can also ask his teacher to photocopy his peers' samples to read.


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Posted on 25/02/2017

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